Monitoring Tool for IS, Connections

Is anyone using some Monitoring set up to monitor IS, LDAP, and adapters connectivity like MQ, JDBC? If yes, then could you please share? I have created DSP to monitor IS and LDAP status, but to verify connections on nearly 15 servers at a time, is becoming difficult. I would appreciate if anyone can suggest or provide some solution to this. Thanks in advance!

Has anyone have any idea on this? Please reply.
Any suggestion will be appreciated.

what webMethods version you are using?
Do you have any BAM components installed?

We are using wM 6.5 as well as 7.1.2. We do not have BAM components on each IS, but there is common BAM server managed at my project.

you can monitor and manage IS ,Broker and adapters from optimize server by creating your own rules.
you can also find some information in
7-1_Optimize_For_Infrastructure_Administrators_Guide.pdf and

-Vikram Pachica

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