Monitoring the connectivity between RI and Internal server

Hi ,
I would like to monitor the connectivity between my Reverse Invoke server and Internal server.
I wanted to automate this monitoring if any connectivity issues observed i need to get some mail alert.
So some one please share your idea’s how i can achive this

Thanks in advance!
Venkata Vidya Sagar Pokuru:rolleyes:


You can achieve this by using the services available in wmroot package → revInvoke folder. please wrapp the services as per your requirement.

The InternalServer creates a pool of connections, and reuse them as needed.

Maybe you can ping from the internal server the RHG, using the ping service and if no response start an event.

I don’t think you can monitor the status of current internal pool, but I’m unsure.

What we implemented (and is working fine) :

  • on our IS, we have a “TestConnect” service a la ping (a bit more complex because it’s checking also IS’ database connectivity before repluying).

  • I’m querying this service from my IS thru the http gw’s “Gateway External” port.

If it’s replying, it means the link is up and running.

Hopping it helps.


That’s a smart implementation!

However keep in mind most of the times the RHG has several internal clustered servers registered. In that case you might have one node down or with internal pools failing and you won’t notice.

I think this is a place for a enhancement. SAG should provide services to check RGH pool status on InternalServer side. (They might exist as internal services, but not public? )

Hi Laurent
Can you please confirm whether my understanding is correct or not?
This means that

  • You have a TestConnect service on your IS (internal Server)
  • You have another service on IS (internal Server) itself which will invoke the TestConnect service thru RGH using the Gateway External port

—Venkata Vidya Sagar P

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