Monitoring SAP listener Notifications

We have a listener notification created for a specific function module in SAP system. Whenever SAP sends data, the output signature of SAP function module is published to Messaging server. Out interface flow starts subscribing that publishable document.

We want to know, is there any place to monitor the transactions triggered by SAP for that specific function module/listener notification? Like how Outbound & Inbound Idocs can be monitored on the “Transactions” page of SAP adapter, can we monitor this?

Hi Chaitali,

I am also looking for such function.

Meanwhile I am using Service Monitoring/IS Core Audit Logging as a workaround.
Set the Audit Parameters for the service which is invoked by the notification to log always on Error and Success and choose if the pipeline should be added on error only or always.

You can then see this information in MWS under Monitoring → Integration → Services.