Monitoring SAP BC in the SAP system trace file

Ive installed the monitoring package of my SAP BC 4.6 and did the whole administration. The monitor is working well. But the logfile named rfc00352_00328.trc (in the directory sapbc46\server\packages\sapmonitoring\saploc\prfclog\sapccmsr) is growing and growing. It has grown up to 690 MB, there isnt any byte free on the disc…:wink:
How can I manage this file??? How can I delete it at all???

Do you have debug/trace enabled for the server configuration?

Where can i make this configuration??
In the file saprfc.ini (directory sapbc46\server\packages\sapmonitoring\saploc\prfclog\sapccmsr) there is a line called : RFC_TRACE=1
In the file csmconf in the same directory there ar following entries:
Should i make other configurations oder where did you mean??


Try taking a look at the logging level for SAP and the Server on BC. To do this, go the Settings and logging in the Administrator and select the SAP from the Component drop down. I believe that a 7 or higher significantly increases the amount of logging on BC.

For you immediate problem, starting and stopping BC usually frees up the file and you should be able to delete it then, probably via a built in delete or a custom job that you could schedule.

As far as the log getting really big, that seems odd that it would do that. I would venture to say that you probably have your logging setup to be “verbose”

Good luck,


It has been some time since I’ve worked on R/3 systems, but I’m pretty sure there’s one of two ways to enable/disable RFC tracing.

The first is by setting RFC trace on either on the connection settings or the listener settings–depends on which way the communication with the R/3 system is going.

The second is via the saprfc.ini file. I believe this is the default setting used for the machine unless specified otherwise on a per connection basis–this is the part that I’m a bit fuzzy on. Hopefully someone has more detailed info on this.

Hi there again!
The logging level in the BC is for the component “SERVER” the “2”, for “SAP” the “4” and for the XSLT the “4”.
To delete the big file, i have to stop the BC and stop the service “SAPCCMSR.99”. Then i can delete the tracefile.
But after starting the whole package, the tracefile is growing again, starting from 0 Byte.
In the Listener I stopped the RFC Trace, in the SAP “RFC-Connections” I stopped the RFC Trace.
The only thing might be to change the saprfc.ini. Does anyone know about it??

Hi, Bernd.

Do you mind pasting a few lines of the RFC trace into a reply? I am curious if there is an error or something else that the log might tell us.


hi guy’s
i too facing these problem in my stage Enironment
inside IntegrationServer/ directory i can see No of .trc file wch accumulating huge amount of space.
can anyone provide me answer for following questions?
1what is dot(.trc file)?
2. which component of wM creates?
2. Is it necessary for runtime or can be deleted at anytime?
4. is there a way to redirect the trc to someother location?
waiting for reply

1what is dot(.trc file)?
–It is trace file generally it creates for rfc logs.