Monitoring doc's, if IS architecture does not have Broker connected.

I have an IS maintenance/support questions that we need to implement IS 6.1 without Broker. The reason is, we planned to use IS to facilitate integration and not to use any messaging system (for various internal reason).

  1. Is it possible to monitor documents w/out Broker?
  2. Resubmitting error/time-out documents. Is that possible w/out Broker?
  3. Anything else, could not cause maintenance and support issues because of “No Broker” connection.

Please provide brief explanation or refer any wM documentation.

Your valued inputs/suggeations, would be greatly appreciated.



If you dont want to use Broker component it wont hurt your integration pieces (IS).Are you planning to use TN usage?

I strongly recommend to make use of IS/TN component in your architecture,it gives features that you are looking for like monitoring,resubmitting,retries,persistance and transactions maintainence/support etc…Most of the users prefer to use TN architecture in their B2B partners as well as Internal transmissions.

Please refer TN userguide documentation located in the TNConsole/doc folder or download from the webMethods Advantage site.

Just few thoughts.


Thanks for the suggestion.

We are planning to use only IS and adapters like JDBC, JDEdwards EnterpriseOne and EDI packages.

Please let me know, using these we can acheive support functionality.


  1. Yes. Because Broker doesn’t do any monitoring. IS-hosted components do this.
  2. Yes. Because Broker doesn’t provide these facilities. IS-hosted components do this.
  3. Nope. IS functions just fine without a Broker.

The Broker provides the ability to “nack” a retrieved document, which keeps the document on the queue for subsequent processing/retry. But this is only part of the picture and can be achieved using the local publish ability of IS.

You’ll want to consider using Modeler/WmPRT and/or WmTN to provide your error/time-out support. For monitoring, read through the Logging and Monitoring Guide pdf, which can be downloaded from Advantage.