Monitoring disabled triggers, schedules, and JDBC adapters

Good morning.

currently working with webmethods 9.7 Linux

I was recently given the task of creating something that will regularly monitor IS and verify that all triggers schedules and JDBC adapter db settings are always enabled. Was told that in production, everything should always be enabled. If something is not enabled, then I should send out an email alert.

Can you guys please provide me some clues on how to get this done? I may have found something by searching through forums for schedule (as I see pub.scheduler:getTaskInfo may be able to help), but still need assistance.

Webmethods create something to help with this? Company won’t purchase any new product, but curious if something created in psutilities or something.

Thanks for any assistance on any of the tasks, even if you just know how to automatically check just 1 of the 3.


For handling this kind of task you should really start with exploring the package/services in the and there are some outofbox tools which can give at least some meta-data and runt time monitor information where you can create a custom service using that output and alert the management/admins during such situations and situational needs.

WmRoot (scheduler and other run-time aspects logic will be in the form of dsp pages’s internally to explore more)
WmPublic (few out of box available services)
WmART (For Adapter side aspects)


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In addition, you can also leverage Optimize for Infrastructure which is OOTB solution available. However you still build your custom services by using the services in the above mentioned packages.

Currently, we have built a custom solution where the core part of the services were from Public and Root packages with little from ART. Also design to have some UI which shows the current status of each components that you are interested to monitor. You can also refresh this report at regular intervals and send out alerts via email or SMS.

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additional information:

Please have a look at the IntegrationServer Built-In Services Guide which covers services in WmPublic as well as in WmART package.

For ART based Adapters you can use the following outline:

- get list of installed Adapters (JDBC, WebSphere MQ, Remedy, SAP, ...)
- loop over list
-- get list of connections for specific adapter type
-- loop over list
--- get status for coonection

Checking the status of Scheduler Tasks works similar.

Dependent on wM Version you might want to check out for Command Central monitoring.


Appreciate the feedback guys! Reading up on everything now.