Monitor Synchronization

I am interested in how individual webMehtods customers are monitoring the synchronization health between the publisher and subscriptions. What options are available other than SQL statements to see the delta?

We’ve actually extended the ATC frame work to have an additional table called the Queue Monitor table. This table has on it a status of that particular integration. Some of our processes have a synchronous connection with the end point at which time the status changes from “in process” to complete. For those systems that have a two stage process, we receive a functional ack when the transaction is delivered to the platform which changes the status from “in process” to “waiting on app ack”. If the destination application has a problem with the message then it sends back an error which is noted in this status field as well.

We built a set of web based monitoring tools to view this information. The error log manager queries and views any transaction which is incomplete or in error. It also gives us the ability to see the error and resend the transaction or void it out if needed. We’re also able to see any transactions that are hung for an inordinately long time in an in-process or waiting on app ack state since we have the appropriate timestamps when the messages were created.

While this was extra infrastructure that we had to build and maintain it was in our opinion completely necessary in a mission critical operation such as ours.

Hope this helps!