Monitor 6.5.1 SP3 not properly installed?


We have been through the installation of Monitor 6.5.1 SP3 and Monitor UI 6.5.1 SP3 without any error messages during install. The version of WmMonitor on IS is build 13, the About-page on MWS says SP3 for Monitor, the readme in the Monitorpackage on disk is about 6.5.1 SP3.

However, 2 things indicate that it has not been properly installed; First, we are not able to run the IS with WmMonitor with JVM 1.5, as that gives error messages in MWS that we don’t see with JVM 1.4.2 (The IS itself is on SP3). Second, we are unable to install Monitor 6.5.1 SP3 Fix1, it gives the following error : The version of the existing package does not match the package to be installed, installation fails.

Has anyone else come across this? Can anyone tell me what the version of WmMonitor is if SP3 is installed correctly? We are running all components on AIX 5.3, and 32 bit JVM 1.5.

Best regards