Modify element Attribute in XML

I am trying to modify the attribute of an element in an xml document. In Developer, I am able to query (using queryXMLNode) but am not able to find a way to replace the xml with the modified info. Is there any built in service or do I have to create a custom java service to accomplish this?

Convert the node to an IS document. Make the changes to the attribute as needed via mapping steps. Convert the IS document back to XML and send it on its way.

I am not aware of a mechanism to modify the contents of a node returned by queryXMLNode. Dropping to Java doesn’t seem helpful as the class of the node object is not public.

Thanks for your quick response Rob. I left out to mention that after modification, I am trying to insert the changes back into the same xml.

Understood. The process mentioned is the way to go.


Im working with an xml file. I loaded the xml as string, then used the NodeIterator and NextNode. I process one node at the time. I covert the xml node to a Document(Customer) and add a field(FullName) to that document.

How can I update the xml file with the new nodes that I updated.

Remember that Im working with nodes so I will need to update each node and dont over right all the previous updated nodes in the file.