Modeler Repo V3 Storage Settings

I have modeler working with a flat file, but I want to use a database. I’ve run the scripts and have the tables setup in MS SQL Server 2000 and TN works fine. However, on the RepoV3 Storage Settings, it asks for a JDBC Driver and I have no Idea what to put in here. I’ve got the URL correct, etc. Can someone point me in the right direction on what to type for the JDBC driver? Thanks. _brett p.



JDBC Driver:


Classpath: <the driver jar file path+name> like

./sl53_cj34.jar <example only>

Tried the Drive you listed and made sure my URL was correct and submitted, reloaded the package and even restarted the IS, but to no luck. the WmModeler/ still says (Not Started).

Do you know where I can see a reference to the different Drivers to try out?
I’m sure WM has a default that will work other than the one you listed…I hope.

Look in <$WebmethodsHome>\Servers\RepoV3 for the default jar file, something like sl**.jar. You can reference it on the configuration screen as something like ./sl53_cj34.jar, or even the full path.

You can also find a similar jar file in <$WebmethodsHome>\IntegrationServer\lib\jars and use it instead.

Look in AdminConsole>JDBC Pools>Driver Alias Definitions>Class Name for a list of out-of the box driver classes that come with a normal installation.

In some cases, the port may already be in use, try a different one.

Also, after you reload the package, look for any error messages in Server and/or Error log as they might give more info.


Adding to the above…

Make sure you also have this entry in the Extended settings…just in case



Thanks! I will give that a try and let you know.