Modeler - Complex filter on step

Hello all,

I’m using “Wm Modeler 6.1” and I would like to add () in filter condition on a step.

When I right-click on a step in one model, I select the menu “Publish/Subscribe Filer” → “Inputs” → “MyCandoc”.

In this menu, I’m able to add condition on the input “MyCandoc”. The currents conditions are:

“Field1 = 1” OR
“Field2 = 2” AND
“Field3 != 3”

Now if I received a “MyCandoc” with the values: “Field1 = 1” and “Field3 = 3” then the step is executed. This is because the conditions are evaluated like this: “Field1 = 1” OR (“Field2 = 2” AND “Field3 != 3”).

How can I change the ( ) ?

Thank you in advance for your collaboration,

Jean-Philippe Martin

I guess it’s possible to do it by repeating the condition on Field3 but it’s not clean.

May the xPath expression help me ?

I have the same problem and I’m not comfortable using XPATH. Jean-Philippe, have you found solution or suitable work-around?


I didn’t have time to investigate the xPath solution. I didn’t remember which solution we used here, but it was a functional solution not a technical one.

Sorry for false hope with this answer :wink: