Missing UI Development perspective in Software AG Designer WebMethods Integration10.2-Trial Version


I have downloaded the Free Trial for Software AG - webMethods Integration and I noticed that the designer does not have the UI Development perspective.

The version that I have downloaded is 10.2 using this link:

I mention that I have installed all the available features, but the UI development perspective is still missing (check the attachment).

I would like to get familiar with developing CAF UI components using the Software AG Designer. Is there any possibility to get access to a trial version that includes the CAF UI module?


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Hopefully you just missed a part while creating the image.

Please try to download again and check for “Designer → Component Application Framework Development”.
Might not be directly under Designer or might be named slightly different, just explore the tree below Designer.


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Missing UI Development perspective in Software AG Designer webMethods Integration10.2-Trial Version:

Even I am not able to find CAF component in 10.2 trail version

Please let me know if any one able to find UI development.I also tried to reinstall.


I managed to install the UI Development using the webMethods BPM installer.


Hope it helps.