Missing root tag in xml

My xml file does not have the root tag…I use map to get values I need from another record and map them to the record generated based on dtd, then use RecordToDocument function, but root tag is not there…what am I missing? Please help, thanks!

XML looks like this:


but it should look like this:


Strange… You dont have a root tag… so Its not an XML.
Try this…under the boundNode input parameter for recordToDocument create a new record (using pipeline editor ‘New’) with the name of the root tag, and then map it to your pipeline record variable to the newly record created under the boundNode.

  If you can attach a screenshot of your recordToDocument pipeline mapping stuff  it will be helpful in understanding the problem.


I earlier posted 2 messages in another thread, which you have posted the same problem.Please check this link.


Even Sudheer’s post will solve your problem (its a manually procedure)


Sudheer, RMG

Thanks a lot for your help. The problem was with the way I declared a record in the pipeline in area for the recordToDocumet service…it has to be declared as Record Reference not just Record. I changed that and the root tag is in place in xml.


Thats great!! you have solved it with RecordReference (which i have mentioned in my earlier posts with that possible expectation).