Missing Pipeline after failed step Resubmission - Urgent

Dear BPM Experts,
We are observing very strange behavior in higher environment though same is working in lower environments. For Below 2 scenario pipeline is missing

  1. Child sub process has failed for some reason , After failed step re submission. It completes all the steps but when call is returned to parent process has blank pipeline.
  2. Child sub process has executed successfully which is not expected case for given inputs. From Parent process , child process was resubmitted having complete pipeline , but when child process steps are observed that pipeline is missing.

Issue :- After Re submission , Pipeline is not passed between child and parent process.

Note: - This Server is in Cluster and properties like ’ Volatile Transition Documents’ , ‘Optimize Locally’ are selected.

MWS -> Version:, Build Date: 2013-09-16
MWS Monitor -> Version: Build Date: 2013-09-11 , Installed Fixes: MON_9.5_SP1_MWS_Fix1
IS WmMonitor Package -> MON_9.5_SP1_Fix2

What other Fixes are installed on IS?
Esp. IS-Core-Fix and PRT-Fix.

I have an entry in the Readme for the PRT-Fix which fit the issue:

Therefore I suggest to apply the PRT-Fix and retest.
If this doesnt help, check with SAG Support.

Additionial Information:
When running in a Cluster it is recommended to disable any volatile or locally settings for the Process Models.
Otherwise the Process instances cannot continue on another Cluster node, if the node they were started on goes down for any reason.
See IS Clustering Guide for Details.


Thanks Holger for quick response.

Please Note:-

  1. QA Environment - Single Node - PRT_Fix2 - Resubmision scenarios working fine - run time properties enabled
  2. MO Environment - Cluster - PRT_Fix2 - missing pipeline after child process resubmitted ( Issue) - run time properties disabled
  3. MO Environment - Cluster ( But 1 Node is UP and 1 Node is Down to replicate QA ) - PRT_Fix2 - missing pipeline after child process resubmitted ( Issue) - run time properties enabled

We have realized that with Fix2 , scenarios are working fine in Single Node Server but in Cluster not. If we bring 1 node down in Cluster and though all steps execute on the same node , still problem persists.

We have already raised SI for SAG Support and they are in discussion with us.