Missing Content Providers

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone can tell me why I add an NEW Content Provider, I do NOT see “Updateable Table with…”, “Large Table”, “Basic Updateable Table”, “Group Options from…”, “Tree from INode elements”, “Tree from List Array”, “URL File Item”, “File Item”, etc.

I see these providers in the v8 CAF documentation. The older v7.1.2 Exercise document does NOT show the providers. :shock:

I have no clue what makes these OTHER providers appear. All I can say is that I ONLY see “Single Option” and “Basic Content Provider”. Basically I can’t complete the exercise because there are missing elements…

Many thanks, if someone can explain why those other Content Providers are NOT showing up!

The content providers are filtered to show only the ones that are appropriate for the data type you have selected.

If the data type of the selected item is an array or list then you should see the table and tree related content providers. If it is something else, then it can’t really be adapted so they are not shown.

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Okay thanks for that info, had to click EVERYWHERE to finally find a variable that has the OTHER missing Content Providers (an Array of Order Info).

That HELPED a lot! Many thanks!!!