Migration to IBM JVM to SUN JVM

Hi all,
Can anybody tell me that if i want to migrate from using IBM JVM to SUN JVM in the IS, where should i need to modify?

Thanks in advance.

You can find how to change default JVM on Integration Server admin guide.

Be aware that IBM JVM is only supported on AIX, changes on JVM are supposed to be from same vendor to a higher fix level only, or if on 7.1.2 to 1.6 (if you components are certified).

This is done changin server.sh / setenv.sh.

Thanks a lot Dev,
So does it means that we cant be able to migrate from one vendor’s JVM to another? Or its not possible only on IBM JVM migration to others?.


Thats right, if you run on Windows you cannot install IBM, JRockit etc, or if Linux you can’t install OpenJDK etc.

The JVM change is meant to upgrade to a higher fix level, for example 7.1.2 on Windows comes with Sun JVM 1.5.0_15 and you might want to install to 1.5.0_20 to overcome a JVM known issue. For example to avoid developer crashes (Which was due a JVM bug).

Of couse you can set any JVM you wish, however you will probably get asked to use the proper vendor. For instance IBM JVM is not recommended at all on Windows/Linux due the amount of problems found with wM.

Also you might need to upgrade to Java 1.6 since some components on 7.1.2 are now certified with this version, but be careful as only few components are.

To resume you should only upgrade to same JVM vendor wM ships for your particular OS, but in a higher fix level.