Migration to 6

Currently we r working on webMethods 4.6, we would like to
migrate to webMethods6.0.Could any one suggest the
appropriate way to do this migration.I would like to know
whether the existing services and adapters work with the
newer version.

Hi, Tendulkar.

The simple answer is “yes”. webMethods will support prior
versions of its software in webMethods 6 instances.


My experience is that flow and java services developed using
IS 4.6 should run unmodified in IS 6.0. The exception would
be services that interact with the wM Enterprise Broker
which would need to be modified to use the updated built in
services or to use the new triggers to invoke flow services
instead of the Enterprise B2B Bridge Adapter. I have also
heard that some changes are needed to services that used the
EDI adapter.

I believe that all of the IS Adapters should operate in IS
6.0 (I know that the EJB adapter does). You should be aware
that new versions of the most popular adapters will be
created to use the new adapter runtime over the next couple
of quarters. A timeframe for the adapter rollout can be
found in Susan Ganeshan’s Integration World 2002

Companies with existing Enterprise integrations using
Enterprise adapters can run them unchanged on the 6.0
broker, but will need to use the development tools from
their previous release to make any changes.

You can now use the IS Developer tool to develop business
logic for adapter services, but only for adapters created
using the new 6.0 adapter development kit. You can not use
Developer to modify or enhance enterprise integrations
developed using Visual Integrator or Enterprise Integrator.

webMethods has stated that they will release utilities to
help customers migrate existing enterprise integrations some
time after WM6 hits general availability (GA) status.




I am interested any migration documents that may be available to migrate to 6.0.1 from previous version.

Thanks in Advance.


A good one is “webMethods Integration Platform Upgrade Guide” for version 6.0.1, available from the webMethods Advantage site.

The upgrade guide does not give details of upgrading a adapter from 4.6 to 6.1. Will the utility upgrade the adapter for me or is that a custom process that I will have to do on my own using the ADK?THanks for your time.