migration of only one flow service

Hi to ALL,

i have to migrate a single, only one flow service from one IS to another IS…

i don’t want entire package to get migrated…how to acheive it…?

please share ur explanations…!

Create a new package, copy and paste into that. Export it and import it into the other IS. Doesn’t take long.

hi suryachandra.wm,

You can refer to WM Integration Server Administration Guide for details on how to copy Packages from One Server to Another. Inside the document will also teach you how to copy by selected services only.

The official website to download the document is http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation
under webMethods->webMethods Product Suite, find your version of webMethods and search for Integration Server Administration guide. Topic “Manage Package->Copying Packages from One Server to Another”

Seriously folks reading the base documentation should be a requirement.:eek: Are you familiar with webMethods Deployer?

Hi Surya,
In webMethods administration page, you have the package management section. Choose the archive action of your package and select the services and its related files instead of all files.It will create a patch for your package. Place it in the \Integrationserver\replicate\inbound directory and install it in the same package management section of IS admin page.


Why not? There are a couple of scenarios where migrating only a part of a package is desirable, but generally I recommend deploying a package as an atomic unit not as a patch.

And as Mark mentioned, this is covered nicely in the documentation. Please read the docs.

For simple package migration, even SAG supports export/import from 712 to 822.