Migration 7.1.2 to 8.2 - IS and Broker connection

During a migration, could we connect an Integration server 7.1.2 with a Broker 8.2 or could we connect an Integration Server 8.2 with a Broker 7.1.2 ?

Usually you don’t mix major version components, i.e. IS 7.x shouldn’t use Broker 8.x and IS 8.x shouldn’t use Broker 7.x.

However, there are situations when you do require such components to be connected, especially during a migration phase.

The pattern that I’ve seen in use with great success is using a Broker Gateway between different Broker Server versions (that works fine), and have IS versions paired to their Broker versions.
For instance: IS 7.x <=> Brk 7.x <=> Gtw <=> Brk 8.x <=> IS 8.x


Thank you for your answer.

Do you think it’s possible to have 2 different versions of Broker in the same territory for not use the gateway?

AFAIK no! A Broker Territory must be composed of Brokers having the same version (at least major version).