Migrating TN data from webMethods 6.1 SQL Server 2000 to webMethods 7.1.2 Oracle 10g

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  I was asked to migrate TN data from webmethods 6.1 SQL server  to Webmethods 7.1.2 Oracle.   There are tables already in Webmethods 7.1, They asked me to just migrate data from IS 6.1 SQL to IS 7.1 oracle. Is it ok if I write scripts and migrate data or  are there any other ways that I should follow to do the migration ? 

Friend of mine told that, it is not good practice to just write scripts to migrate, Guys can you please suggest me how to migrate data from TN 6.1 SQl to  TN 7.1.2 Oracle

Thanks in Advance

Please follow the TN upgrade/migration documentation on the Advantage.

The scripts provided for the migration in webMethods_home\common\db\scripts\oracle\tradingnetworks\migrate

To migrate the webMethods 6.1 database (ISCore audit, document history etc) to 7.1.2 use the Database configurator tool provided.


My question is, Is that ok to do that migration process directly from WM 6.1 with database :SQL Server 2000 to WM 7.1.2 with the database Oracle.

or should I conver the database, from wm 6.1 SQL to wm 6.1 Oracle and then should I upgrade then from wm6.1 oracle to wm 7.1.2 Oracle…?

Migration is not allowed between different Databases. You should first (by using export and import) get the same copy of database into the one which you want to migrate (in your case it is oracle) and then migrate the data to higher versions like 7.1 in your case.


I would say please review this document on advantage:

section Migrating from 6.1 to 7.1.2

It would help you moving further/decision:


Thanks rmg and wu. I am working on it now, I will get base with you if I got further doubts.

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