migrating from webmethods7.x Code into Webmethods9.x environment

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What is the process of migrating the code from webmethods7.x into Webmethods9.x environment and what kind of complication may occur during this process.

Please help me on this.


API changed or deprecated
Build-in document type changed
Build-in service input/output changed
Server extended settings changed
3rd party software not supported


Another bit of information from my side.

Direct migration from webMethods 7.x to webMethods 9.x is not possible directly.

One can do a 2-step migration.

  • 7.x to 8.2
  • 8.2 to 9.x

You can find more details here: webmethods 7.1.3 to 9 - Over Install Upgrade - webMethods - Software AG Tech Community & Forums

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sure, it is when using the correct versions.

You will have to upgrade to latest wM 7.1.2/7.1.3 with latest Fixes.
Afterwards you can migrate to wM 9.5 SP1 directly.

From there you can migrate to any wM 9.6, wM 9.7 or wM 9.8.

When using a wM 8.2.x (8.2.1 thru 8.2.3 dependent on Product) with latest Fixes you might be able to migrate to wM 9.8 directly.

Please note that the latest version of Broker available is Broker 9.6. This version is still supported even for higer versions of wM.

You will have to consider a migration to Unniversal Messaging in the next years but the minimum version of UM recommended for this is wM 9.8.


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