Migrating from 6.1.5 to 6.5

We are using WM6.1.5 and we are upgrading to 6.5,because of disk storage issues on the database side we are using 6.5 JDBC,TN,ISCOREAUDIT,PROCESSAUDIT to be pointed to 6.1.5 JDBC,TN,ISCOREAUDIT,PROCESSAUDIT.

Could you let me know is it advisable and if so how far?
Also we are thinking of running 6.1.5 and 6.5 separately for few weeks and if all goes well,Turn down the 6.1.5.


If I understand your question corretly, you are planning to point a 6.5 IS at 6.1.5 database schemas.
This will NOT work and is not supported, since the webMethods database schemas change from release to release and are not cross-version compatible. So you also cannot point a 6.1.5 IS at 6.5 schemas.
You must either start with a fresh set of 6.5 schemas, or run the migration scripts provided with 6.5 and described in the migration guides available on Advantage.

Hope this helps.

Jonathan Heywood
webMethods (now Software AG) Professional Services