Migrating certificates


We have https, ftps ports which uses certificates and it is working fine in wM 6.1 environment.

We are planning for migration to wM 7.1.1

Integration Server will be a new one, not the existing system.

If we use the existing certificates, whether it is will work or not ???

Please suggest :happy:.

Warm Regards,
Gopinath K.M

You could migrate all the server configuration including the certifcates, they should work just fine. You could check the webMethods_Upgrade_Guide_7_1_1.pdf guide from advantage for more information.

I have a question, that means the certificates genereted is not system generated. Is is true ??? Ex: .der, .pem, etc

Also the DOC “webMethods_Upgrade_Guide_7_1_1.pdf” is not clearly meantion about the ports certificates. They have explained about the TN Certificates, Broker Certificates…

Kindly see section Migrate Integration Server 6.1 Data in the webMethods_Upgrade_Guide_7_1_1.pdf. As for the certificates you could use the webmethods certificate toolkit 6.5, or get your private certificate signed by a certificate signing authority.