Migrating 46 Flat File Template to 61 Flat File Schema

In trying to migrate a template that was used in 4.6 to a 6.1 flat file schema, and it seems I have run into a problem. I cannot based on the documentation recreate a comparable flat file schema in 6.1.

I have tried manually recreating the flat file structure and when I test a flat file against the schema I get an error stating that 0 records have been found.

I have even tried migrating the template.bin file using the migration tool provided as part of the WmEDI package and the templates do not seem to be migrated correctly.

The flat file is structured as follows:


The first four fields are single records and the fifth field is a repeating record with several fields beneath it. I have attached the template here so that you can view the layout for yourself.

Flat File Template
ForecastFF Template.txt (2.5 k)