Migrate IS6.5 to IS 6.5 w/o downtime

We plan on migrating from an existing IS 6.5 server to another IS 6.5 server.

However, we’d like to know if it’s firstly possible to migrate without downtime and keep the runtime status such as process status of running BPEL processes, queued documents, document store content? If it’s possible, is it something which is recommended?

If not, what would be the best practices for this process?

We don’t have IS clustered at the moment, but this is certainly in the planning stages after this migration.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


We came up with a “hot deploy” strategy, but it depends on deploying to a clustered environment one node at a time.

Do you have this automated? If so, how?

Is there a package you can share?

Also can you elaborate more on this hot deploy strategy. Like listing outside tools, concepts of timing and ordering of the take down and restart, implemented startup or shutdown services, dependencies. That would cool to right to pull out a “standard” hot deploy setup in clusters or just and auto deploy in single non-critical environments. Thank you. Good day.

Yemi Bedu