Migrate Documents and Triggers to UM


I have run the utility service pub.utils.messaging:migrateDocTypesTriggersToUM to actually migrate triggers and documents from Broker to UM.

I have a package A with sub folders docs, services and triggers. The triggers subscribe to publishable documents that reside in the same package.When I run the utility all goes well.

In situation 2, I have a package, B, that holds all publishable documents, Then I have another package,C, that have folders service and triggers. These triggers subscribe to documents created in package B. When running the utility, it fails with error message

Package does not contain publishable document types.

To be able to use that utility means that all triggers subscribing to publishable documents must have these documents created in the same package. Is this not a limitation for that utility?

Can anyone please let me know if they have used that utility before and what were the constraints please?


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I recommend you refer the links:




This doc is also very informative and covers the utility pub.utils.messaging:migrateDocTypesTriggersToUM

Yes that is correct Mahesh. So when you will migrate the package that contains documents that are reference in triggers found in other packages. The publishable documents and triggers found in other packages also will be updated.


it might be helpful in this case to define a dependency in the properties of package C to be dependent on package B.
Additionally this guarantees that the doc types are loaded before the triggers get loaded.