Migraré Adabas- Natural from Hp-ux to Linux

Does exist Adabas 3.112 for Linux? Which was the first version? How is the way to get it?

Hi Rita,
pls. find all supported versions of Adabas here:
Product Availability List / Empower
You can filter for Linux.

Does this help?

Cheers, Juergen

Hi Rita,

is it real Adabas 3.11. This is really an old version from 2000.
The best would unload and uncompress in Adabas 3.11 HP-UX with a compress and load into the Adabas 6.7 of Linux.

Better would be the path upgrading from Adabas 3 to Adabas 5 and finally Adabas 6.
With Adabas 6 you can use a simple backup to migrate to Linux.
But I doubt that you get a Adabas version 5 for HP-UX anywhere.
Please contact support for this question.