Microservice not available Connection refused : Connection refused: /8334

I started getting these errors late last week without warning

“error”: “Microservice/Bad gateway”,
“message”: “Microservice not available Connection refused : Connection refused: /8334”,
“info”: “https://www.cumulocity.com/guides/reference-guide/#error_reporting

Event processing is missing from the side menu, all of my smart rules are gone/inactive and I cannot add new ones.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Michael,

it would be great to know on which tenant you are seeing this, to check individually what is wrong.


Hi Michael, sorry about that tenant is mitsitrack.cumulocity.com

thanks for any help

Any updates Michael Welsing ??

Bump any updates please?

Hi Michael,

sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately you question slipped through my radar.

You are getting this error as your tenant is not entitled to host microservices. If you need that feature please contact your sales contact person to get the pricing.

best regards