MFT - Copying the folder & its contents to a destination server

Hi, I am using ActiveTransfer (v10.5) to copy files from Servers A to B via SFTP. Under Server A i have a set of folders with a sequence number RXXX (where XXX keeps incrementing on a daily basis and not predictable) and each of these folders have 2 or more files.
I have set up an action to copy the files from Server A:/out/ to Server B:/in/.
When i execute this, i get folders and the files created all under my “server B:/in/” directory - the hierarchy of the folder and files are lost, i want to retain the folder and file structure that was set up in A to B. I am looking for something similar to “get -r” command that you will execute under SFTP command script.

How do i achieve this? i tried all possible tasks that are available in the UI, however none of them seem to give the result that i am looking for.

Any help here would be really useful. Thanks in advance.

Hi Venkat,

Unfortunately, ActiveTransfer does not retain the folder structure of the source into the destination.
Destination directory configured in the Event is considered final destination and whatever is found in the source are copied to the destination. What that mean is files found inside sub-directories in the source are also copied to the same destination directory.

We have a feature in our roadmap, however it is not yet planned. The challenge is MFT allows finding files from multiple source and copy all those files in a single destination. Maintaining the folder structure becomes very tricky at time.

One workaround would be to use multiple actions one for each folder level and using depth as 1, which mean to copy files only on the current directory.

Please try out if this workaround works for you.