Message XTS1061E on database creation

hi *,
yesterday I uninstalled an old Tamino Version
and Installed the new one.
Creation of a database resolved in the folloving error:

XTS1061E: TCP/IP connection refused

Has anyone an idea, what is going wrong

Machine is
Windows 2000 Server
Tamino 2.x and 3.x was installed and removed.

Installed was the Starterkit3

A good guess is the hosts file.
Check the entry for SAGXTSDShost in /etc/hosts: localhost SAGXTSDShost

In general you should always install the new version before you uninstall the old one.
from version 2.1.1 all Tamino versions can coexist
(if you have the disk space of course :wink:


Thanx Finn,
I checked that before I looked here
and did not find any message for this error here
before I posted it.

Tamino was uninstalled manually,
because we could not deinstall it.
That was because deinstall needed a password for our user schulte in domain, where the password check failed from the deinstallation procedure.
The account was valid,
martin schulte