Message notification using Vantive

Is anyone integrating to Vantive Systems (Santa Clara) and using it as their default notification system?

Do you mean the Vantive CRM tool from (now) PeopleSoft? If so, which Vantive Version are you using?

We have integrated Vantive 8.2 using the webMethods Intelligent Vantive adapter. We used Vantive Inbox Polling to notify changes.

Hope this can help you.

We’re on Vantive 7.0.6. Our local wM rep says we’ll have to use a SQL Server JDBC

As I know, some of Vantive versions do not have Inbox Poll APIs. But I don’t remeber which version. Can you check if Vantive 7.0.6 has Inbox Poll APIs? Moreover, you need checking if the wM has a COTS Vantive adapter that supports Vantive 7.0.6. If Vantive 7.0.6 did not have Inbox Poll APIs, you might have to use a SQL Server JDBC.