Message Handlers

Does WebMethods provide the ability to stop/start message handlers remotely, and not through the web admin console (i.e. another application hosted on the same box as WebMethods).

We are currently running WebMethods 4.6 on our production system which is hosted by an external company. We have the need for their staff to be able to restart message handlers at the click of a button (we will write the application to do this), as using the web admin console is too complicated.

Thanks in advance.


What do you mean by “message handlers”? Also, since webMethods 4.6 is not a product, which webMethods 4.6 product are you referring to? Integration Server? Broker? Workflow?


Sorry for the lack of info, we are using Integration Server 4.6. By message handlers I mean the services found under the MQ message adapters we currently have set up.

In 6.x, I think you should be able to use the services in the WmART package to list the message handlers and toggle their enabled status. I’m not sure how this was handled in 4.6 and don’t have a copy within reach.

Can someone else chime in?


This is still an issue, anybody have any ideas?