Memory Usage not coming Down

Hi Experts,

We are having a WM 8.2 TN server whose memory utilization is increasing day be day.
Garbage collection has been scheduled to run every 15 minutes but it also not bringing down the memory usage to great extent.

e.g .
Day 1 server when server started had memory utliization of 30 %.
Day 5 memory utilization exceeded to 50 %.
Day 10 memory utilization exceed to 70%.

There is no thread that is in stuck state but this memory is not getting freed up and not coming down to say 40-50 %.
Load on the Server is consistent and not that much high.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


What version of IS you are using?
Have you apply the core fix? or any other fix? it is recommend to apply the latest fix available.

btw what is your Memory setting for JAVA_MIN_MEM, JAVA_MAX_MEM, and JAVA_MAX_PERM_SIZE ?