.MEM files are increasing exponentially

Hi All,

we are seeing an issue in our production environment, where .MEM files for Serial processing trigger queues(Subscription priority)are growing exponentially in UM although we have set the below properties in global variables.

Auto maintenance - True
SharedDurableFilterBound - True.

our UM servers are down with memory issue

can someone please suggest whether is it due to above issue where .MEM files are taking huge disk space or any other insights on this

we are using webMethods 9.10 version


Do you have provider-side filters on your triggers? If so, that’s likely the root cause. I ran into the same exact thing in version 9.7.

After weeks of testing different settings and solutions, the best solution we arrived at was to convert the filters from provider-side to client-side. I know, perhaps not a simple or intuitive solution, but believe me, it’s the only thing that worked reliably.

I did some more extensive testing in version 9.12, and I was happy to see that the issue seems to have been resolved in more recent versions of UM.


Percio, are you sure your filters were set up correctly?

Yeshwanth, i recommend to check your triggers and filters. It’s possible that you are running a combination of triggers/named objects where messages cannot be discarded, because UM thinks there are other subscribers which potentially could read them later on . Then UM keeps those message, which means the maintainance-process does not delete/discard them when reorganising the MEM-File.

Yes, I’m 100% sure.

Hi Yeshwanth,
In UM 9.10 a new file structure was provided that uses multiple .mem files rather than one large individual .mem file - see the release notes for 9.10 https://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/onlinehelp/Rohan/num10-2/10-2_UM_webhelp/index.html#page/um-webhelp%2Fco-relnotes910_whats_new.html%23 . The .mem files behave differently if you are using multiple files rather than a single file; which are you using?
Thanks, Jane.

we are using Universal Messaging but could not found the SharedDurableFilterBound setting in Global Values

Just to add we are using UM version 9.8

Hello Prashant,

The configuration option was removed in 9.8 Fix 20, and it’s always assumed to be switched on, since it generally makes no sense to have it off.


Thanks Stefan