.mem file size of some of the queue are getting increased

Hi All,

We are using 9.12 version UM component.
We have observed that .mem file size inside the queues are getting increased even though Auto maintenance option is enabled by default while creating the queues and events in the queues are getting consumed by the IS trigger

After removing the .mem files manually also the disk space is still showing more and occupied by the processes of these deleted .mem files.

Can some one quickly answer the below questions.

1.What data actualy the .mem files will hold.
2.Is this recomended to delete the .mem files manually.
3.Even Auto Maintance is there by default while we are creating the queue still why the .mem file size is getting increased.

We have encountered this issue in production , quick response is highly appreciative.



The .mem files hold the actual events on the channel, or related to a particular durable subscriber.

If the .mem file are growing and increasing in number then it seems likely that events are not being removed form the channels for some reason.

What storage type do the channels have? Is it MultiFileStore? Alternatively what are soem example names & directory paths for the .mem files you are concerned about? This will indicate what type of store they are related to.

It is not recommended to manually delete .mem files, since these files contain events which maybe required for delivery.

AutoMaintenance will only have an effect when the multiFileStore is not being used (old files are deleted once no events are required form them in this new storage type). If the MFS is not being used, then the events may be being retained because they have not been removed from the store. Events can be removed by being subscribed if the JMSEngine is in use on the store (see “Engine” in Enterprise Manager store summary page), via TTL, capacity or programatically removed. If none of these settings are in place the events will remain on the channel.

If you are able to provide more information with regards to this then we should be able to assist.