mediator architecture question

I would like to verify the following architecture for Mediator.

We have 2 clustered Integration Servers in two different hosts. We are proposing to install a clustered two node mediator in these two hosts. These mediators will NOT be installed in the existing Integration Servers. I have following quesitons

  1. Should the mediatorevents db component be installed where the existing ISCoreAudit db schema is installed, which is being shared by the clustered Integration Servers? or Should the mediators have it’s own separate schemas where we will install ISCoreAudit and mediatorevents components.

  2. Load balancers in front of the mediator will pass in the webservices requests to one of the two mediators in the environment. Should we route the requests from the mediator to the Integration Server back to the loadbalancer to be forwarded to one of the Integration Servers? or use mediator to choose one of the Integration Servers?