MED.0201.0042E - virtual REST service

i’m trying to virtualize REST service on mediator using centrasite. I’ve declared resource, resource path and POST method with given name but when i’ve try to invoke it gives me:

2020-03-18 15:35:57 CET [MED.0201.0042E] PgMen outgoing FAULT handler could not find service operation in axis2 message context. Service name: MyServiceName(1.0)

from error description:

For REST services, it is usual to get MED.0201.0042E when users forget to give the resource name or any errors in the resource name.

but the name of the method is properly set.
What is wrong?

Hi pawlicha,

Can you share your CentraSite Virtual Service export?
Also please provide the request URL and the method you used for runtime invocation.