Measuring transaction volume through webMethods

Is there a good way to measure transaction volume through webMethods.

We use the ATC log to measure volume and performance. We’ve extended it with a add-on table that get’s populated in our process which has additional timestamps to the one’s we get from the activation table so we’re able to capture when the user pressed the button on the originating application as well as the final application save on the target end. We basically capture all of the critical timestamps in the process of exchange.

We’ve built a web based management console with a performance component to view near real-time (last x amount of time) end-to-end transaction timings and volume. It also has the ability to do historical reporting off of the archive database if we want to look at some stats for last month.

These tools have been extreamly helpful in identifying problems as well as bottlenecks in the process and I don’t know that we could live without them.

Thanks for the feedback.

We are indeed using an older version (4.1.1 and ATC 1.0) of the enterprise suite and you’re right webMethods has indicated that the logger “replaces” the ATC. However, my understanding is that there are several features of the ATC and it’s work unit framework that did not make it into the architecture of the logger and there are apparently bugs in it as well as you indicated.

At this point wM has not provided a clear, bug-free and easy path forward to their new architecture from Active’s ATC product. I’m told that Jim Green acknowledges this fact and is working with the ATC creaters to build in a migration path in version 7.0 although I’ve gotten no committment from wM that this is the case. Until then we’re sitting tight with 4.1.1 ATC 1.0 given our big investment in working integrations. One confort was the shift that wM recently announced to not “end-of-life” old products but to continue to support them.