MCG : Natural optimizer compiler

Hi All,

Can anyone give me a clear picture about MCG ?

I just know it is Machine code generator. :slight_smile: ( Believe, not more than that,)

What it will do in Programs, as it relates to prove any efficiency performance of the program. ?

If i set options MCG = ON / OFF, what it will do??

kindly give some info on the same.

Advance thanks.

Where possible it generates machine code out of your Natural code to use less cpu and make your program execute faster.

For detailed information please take a look here -->

Hi Mogens,

Thanks for ur reply and info,

So in order to confirm the same, you mean to say if i set OPTIONS MCG = ON, then my program statements will convert into machine code during execution of ONLINE / BATCH…

Which leads to Performance improvement …

If i dint set to ON, it will consider only Object code and proceed further… Right ??

pls correct me, if i am wrong.

MCG=ON switches on optimization with default options. There is several options you can select.

The machine code is generated when you compile (stow) your program.