Maven for Java Service

Has anyone used Maven as an alternative to pull in dependencies not provided in webMethods?

Hi @christopher.fryett ,

What sort of dependencies do you mean here? Could you please elaborate, on what exactly you are trying to achieve?


Maven is orientated towards java, which clearly webMethods packages are not. However if you have large java elements involved in your project you could. However I prefer to ensure that this is done in two phases.

  1. Java build - Use maven, output would be jars that are written to a packages code/jars directory.
  2. webMethods build - package orientated, java dependencies are already encapsulated fully into package.

In phase (2) you should set the dependencies property of your packages to ensure that the if package (A) requires package(b) that it is clearly documented. Maven will not be useful here, as we have a manifest.v3 file, not a .pom.



@John_Carter4 your response is right on target to what I am doing. I wasn’t sure if there was a different approach hence for the question.

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