material number truncated sent from SAP unicode system to SAPBC


Have any one expierenced this issue?
We are receiving Idoc from SAP system to Business connector.
Recently this SAP system was changed to UNICODE, and it was also set in Business Connector. After this the data in the Idocs are truncated.
Example in SAP the length of a field is 13 and when it reaches Business Connector it is 8 character length.

Could any one tell what setting is missing in Business Connector


One thing to look at may be is the DDIC Cache.

Check the length of the same field in the Sap Adapters DDIC Cache screen. Make sure the length matches the length of the field in Sap, if it changed recently. If not, clear the DDIC cache.


  When SAP is changed to UNICODE. DDIC cache has to be refreshed in BC or wM. Then this type of issue can be avoided.



Thanks for you hint, but it did not work.
The length of the Idoc field in DDIC-cache is 18, but in the service it is 8 char

Could you suggest any other way