Marketsite connectivity problem with C1 Onramp 3

Hello - Could anyone help me with this?:

A C1 marketsite cannot post to IS 4.6 with C1 OnRamp Version 3 installed. At an OS level, we see three TCP connections, from the marketsite to the Onramp’s HTTPS port, setup and torn down one after another. The Linux “netstat -vn” tool reports ‘CONNECTION_ESTABLISHED’ before the connection is torn down. However, our IS and Onramp logs stay empty. The remote C1 marketsite logs show it “failed to post the document in three attempts”

This same C1 marketsite used to work fine with B2B 4.0.1/Onramp Ver. 1 with the WmMarketConnectHTTPS listener. Since the C1 MarketSite version is 4.1, we are using the regular WM HTTPS listener in Onramp 3 as specified in the Onramp docs. I also tried an updated version of WmMarketConnectHTTPS (Ver 1, Build 39), but it returns a “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:wm/server/net/IaikHTTPSListenerFactory” error in B2B 4.6

Are we meant to use the WmMarketConnectHTTPS listener with C1 MarketSite ver 4.1 too?

Does anyone know of an updated version of WmMarketConnectHTTPS for IS 4.6?

Sonam Chauhan

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