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While defining a input field in a map, we will use MILT ‘’ to display a input line. But if we give wrong input and delete the input given the input line also gets deleted. What attribute should be define for the input field so that the input line given by MILT '’ won’t get deleted. Please help ASAP.

Map input.docx (73.9 KB)

There is no such setting. What you want is not possible. The filler character is just that - it fills the field prior to you overtyping it. Then Natural strips away any trailing fillers before processing your value. Trailing fillers are restored prior to the map being redisplayed (i.e. after you press ENTER).

I once worked with (non-IBM) hardware that provided the filler, thus doing what you want, but I don’t believe anyone makes dumb 3270s anymore.

Q. Have you tried INPUT (AD=MULT’ ') ?
i.e. The ‘U’ underlines the input line.
The ’ ’ sets the filler character to ‘Blank’.

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Thanks, Peter. I stand corrected, Rengashree.

But note that AD=U is mutually exclusive with AD=I (and several other settings), which may cause problems.

Also, you may need to adjust REINPUT statements to include (AD=U) in MARK clauses.

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Thanks, Ralph. You are correct (of course).
I had forgotten to mention the dependencies.

I got the expected result. And it’s working fine now. Thank you Ralph and Peter !