Maps using dummy fields

I have a map that was created circa 1998 (or thereabouts) that instead of referencing DDM fields, or in-line program fields, uses dummy names on the map and then match parameters by the location of the field in the Input statement in the program. In other words, the input statement looks something like this:


Then the map has fields called IFELD001, IFELD002, IFELD003, IFELD004 and they match the input statment by location in the parm list. It works just fine, as it has for more than a decade.

My problem is not with this per se, but I’m trying to add CV’s to only a few of the fields on the map. These will be marked as (AD=N) depending various conditions. I’m coming up against a format conflict error after having added the CV’s to the fields on the map. I tried adding the CV to the maps parameter list in the program using a couple of different ways (CV=#CV, etc.), but to no avail.

Hopefully the description of my problem is clear and someone can help. Thanks!


The CV fields should just be more parameters to pass the map in your input statement. The trick is getting the order right.

Try this: From the mainframe editor command line, issue the command “L NICSMAP1”. This will list the source of the map including DEFINE DATA PARAMETER which will show you the order of the map parms. Most likely, the will be ordered alphabetically with #CV coming before IFELD001.

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That did the trick. Thanks!