Mapping Record List into a Record

Dear all,
I have following RecordList-Structure

header (1)
segment1 (1-n)
segment2 (1-n)
segment3 (1)
trailer (1)

How can I map these data into a (normal) record???
String or Bytes would also work.

Thanks for your help,


If you are mapping recordlist data to record then you will loose the segment iterations,which you have shown above.If your target record is also a reclist then loop thru the segments and map the source fields to
target fields.

Can you elaborate more on your normal record structure?


input (example)

The next steps are (because its a change in an existing interface)
addContentPart (save to TN)

So, I have to go in somewhere between. As record,string or bytes.

Actualy I use this record:


What I thought of, is creating this record variable. Maybe

( _Number for every loop)

For the service recordToDocument the segment seems to be not interesting.

If you have any idea, please explain it in detail.
Unfortunately I’m the only one programming in webMethods and I have to learn it all by trial and error.

Different Way.
I seperate the segment appearing once from the segment appearing one time ore often.
So I have one record and two record list. How do I get these record lists into records and then into ONE single record?
I don’t think that recordListToRecord is the right service for this way.

Please help,
I’m running out of time.



" How do I get these record lists into records and then into ONE single record?"

So in the target record you dont want all the iterations of the source recordlists?

Sorry i too confused whats your exact requirement is and seeing the record structures i cant move further to help you.

If not may be someone else will jump on this.