Mapping issue from a looped recordList to recordList


I have a scenario where I am trying to map from one recordList ‘A’ to another ‘B’. In the map step recordList ‘A’ is in a loop and its individual fields are mapped to respective fields on recordList ‘B’.

To my surprise, no data is coming through even though mapping properties have been specified to 0,0. However if I map the very same field to a newly created string field on the target side, data comes through without any problem.

Any advice would be really appreciated.


Yes it’s a bit tricky Ravi. You have to either use the ‘out-array’ field on the Properties tab (where you specified the in-array loop variable). Make sure the out-array variable matches the recordList B name. Or you can map the input list to a record (not a recordlist) within your loop and use the built-in appendToRecordList service.

Appreciate it Will.