Mapping from custom record reference

I am new to webMethods and something has me totally stumped. I have defined a record type from an xsd and am using this as a record reference for the output of documentToRecord (mapped boundNode to my record reference).

Now, whenever I try to map from any field within the record, I don’t get any values back (everything is always null)! I have written a small java service that recursively logs the contents of an IData object, and that show all the data exactly where I would expect it, so I think the problem lies indeed with the mapping.

Why oh why does the mapping not work?

Thanks in advance,


I think I have managed to work out the reason for my problem: namespaces.
The record reference generated from the xsd contains a top-level element of name “aseXML”. The xml file I am parsing has a top-level element of name “ase:aseXML”, which is not recognized by IS as being the same.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Oh, I am using IS 4.6.