Map one type of XML to another Type of XML

Does WebMethods have a service that will allow you to map one XML schema to another.

  1. We use PIDX and we have a partner that uses XCBL.
  2. I am sure we will run into this with other partners.
  3. My goal is to map the data across one time to be used by all.

Thanks in advance

Nope cannot directly,you will have to explicitly map to XCBL document from scratch same you did for PIDX documment with appropriate transformation,rules,loops etc…Since each of its nodes,recursive loops tags varies by doctype.Even if possible it will be a tedious work.


Thanks for the reply… I am wondering if it is actually worth it. Streamlining may not be a very practical solution.


It’s been my experience with standards that, even though they are standards, everyone usually uses them slightly differently. Given the semantic differences, I’d think it would be nearly impossible to create a general-purpose transformation from one format to another that works in multiple cases.