Manually create soap request and call webservice on IS

Hi everyone,
I have some problem as below:
I need comsume a webservice of swift system. I comsumed and called some services successfully, but when I call service “Ack”, I can’t call it successful on IS. On SoapUI tool, when I put input like that, it call successful:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:urn="urn:swift:saa:xsd:soapha">
      <urn:SAAHeader Id="SAAHeader">

But in IS, I set typens:Ack value is null, I receive result:

When I don’t set typens:Ack value, I receive result:

And typens:Ack is a empty document, swift system needn’t any value.
Anyone suggest me anything to call service “Ack” successfully ?
I also plan manually create soap request (same soapui tool) and send to swift system, anyone know how to do that on IS ?

Kindly waiting for response.

Hi Ngo Dinh Cong,

Have you managed to fix this problem.

As an opinion from my side, I would not go with creating the request manual, as it rather hard to extend/modify and also a maintenance nightmare.

Best regards,

Hi Vlad,
I didn’t create soap request manually. I found out only IS 8.2 face this error, I changed to IS 9.6, and it’s working fine.