Managing Users in Centrasite

Hi Guys,

I would like to know how one can manage Users in Centrasite.

I have Administrator Rights and have created a set of dummy users and would like to see their passwords. I currently can not see this detail in the Administration > Users view.

Much appreciated.


Passwords are managed by the external authentication systems, not by CS.

Please check here:


Thanks Daniel,

The links you gave provided information that was helpful however I was still unable to view users and their associated passwords. Perhaps I was expecting this kind of Admin functionality to be handled by an appropriate GUI.

Hi Sapa,

Using the CentraSite Control we can only add users and associate them with any user repository. CentraSite does not have it’s own user repository.

In CentraSite Active SOA Version 8.2, the supported user repositories are

  1. Operating System
  2. LDAP Server
  3. Active Directory
  4. Internal

There repositories are configured in System Management Hub. Also a user belonging to any of the repositories can be configured to become an Administrator for CentraSite.

So you have to check the corresponding user repository for the user details and password, and to manage the users. e.g. if you are using Operating System as user repository you will need operating system user management for user details and management. For LDAP Server you can use any LDAP browser like Apache Directory Studio or JXplorer. Internal users can be viewed at <software_ag_installation_directory>\common\conf\users.txt and can be managed using <software_ag_installation_directory>\common\runtime\security\bin\ssxtxtpasswd.exe

So we can only add users in Centrasite control and associate them to any repository user.

I think what Spha is asking is the ability to view user’s password in plain text. Is that right?
If the answer is yes, then I don’t think you will be allowed to view passwords of other users in CentraSite. That will be a security risk and is highly discouraged. You will not be able to view users passwords.

A GUI interface is provided for accessing SMH local authentication. As already mentioned, you can’t see the passwords, but you can see the internally defined users.